At times, I wonder if I am dreaming. Sometimes, I can’t wrap my head around the events that have transpired over the past year. I have learned whole-heartedly that I am not in control of my life. It is God who controls all matters out of his Mercy and Love. I am grateful for all of the knowledge I have acquired, the boundaries of my own mind that I have been able to break, and the second chance at pleasing my Lord.

I have learned that healing is a journey and I must not I be too aggressive with myself. Everything falls into place as per God’s will. I do not have to worry about my affairs, for they are already being taken care of. Our lives in this realm are short and unpredictable tests from The Almighty. The greatest disappointment would be to ruin our eternity for these four days of dunya. I have learned to not judge others and to stop worrying about others judging me. I have learned that God is always near and the best friend/guardian one could ask for. I am grateful for each trial and lesson. I am grateful for the aspects of my life that have been made clear to me and the aspects of my life that I still do not completely understand. At the end of the day, God is in charge of everything and He is the best of planners. His plans for us (in both dunya and akhira) are much better than we can comprehend – as long as we keep our faith strong. He is The Most Wise.