Information Age

This is known as the Information Age; it has never been easier to obtain information as quickly as we can now. Although this is a prolific blessing for our endlessly curious minds, it is also a hidden curse. The internet is flooded with inaccurate, outdated, or outright false information. The content that appears on the first few pages of our search results on popular search-engines is not always a representation of the validity of that information. It does not require much effort to publish a falsehood online, and often, falsehoods attract more attention and thus end up being the most popular and widely disseminated beliefs.  My understanding and experience has it that, to obtain the truth about any topic, it is essential that one reads multiple books and journals, searches through various databases, watches documentaries, and the list can go on… It is integral to widen one’s information horizon from beyond merely that of Google, Bing, and Yahoo – –  to a landscape that includes a diversity of platforms and authors.