Awkward Turtle

To fit in, that was the silliest lesson that they had taught her. Not taught her explicitly. But taught her, implicitly. So she tried to fit in, until it took too much energy, at which point she realized it was much easier to just not care about fitting in. Because. Well. She didn’t fit in anyways. And so she became the forever awkward turtle, awkward emoji, awkward silence. She became awkward until she loved it. Then she realized. They too, were awkward. They too, were awkward turtles. In this way, she learned that all humans were the same: misfits. Some were better at hiding their uniqueness than others; but truth ran in her blood, and she embraced it because what was the point in expending useless energy anyways?

No one is meant to be like me or you. We are all meant to be as unique as our fingerprints.