The Keys – DJ Khaled

I’m 64 pages into DJ Khaled’s book, The Keys, and I am more inspired and uplifted than I could have imagined. Even more than that, I am vibing with all of his hardships, lessons, and wisdom. There is something absolutely fruitful about hardships and the lessons they teach you. People always tell me that I am mature for my age, an old soul, and have a lot of wisdom. These are wonderful compliments, that I am undeserving of, for anything good within me is a gift from God. I thank God for the hardships that I have seen. I thank him for all of the hardships that I am still seeing.

DJ Khaled said, “Self-pity was a luxury that I couldn’t afford”, and I can definitely relate to this 100%. I have never been able to pity myself, in any circumstance, despite the difficulties I have faced. He mentions, “I have always been one of those people who looks at the positives”, again, same here, broski! Self-pity does not do anyone any good. It creates negative energy and changes your focus to a downward spiral of exhaustive thoughts. I have noticed a culture of negativity and self-loathing individuals, which is really sad, because it does not allow people to develop strong characters and contribute positively to society.

No matter where life takes you, you are meant to be there. I am unable to use any of my hardships as an excuse to be a wretched individual. I struggle with understanding how people, so easily, use the challenges that God gives them, as reasons to manipulate others for their own self-gain. I really struggle to understand how a certain group of individuals operate sometimes.

I… just… don’t… get… it…

I guess, at this point, I don’t even want to know. To each, their own.

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