End Fre3d0m 0f Expr3ssi0n Shaming

Sometimes, I just want to write and share my words as I feel them. Sometimes, I don’t want to proofread 5 times because the emotion in my chest is a fire waiting to be extinguished, and the fire extinguisher is my expression, it’s my connection with others – who also feel what I feel. Sometimes, I don’t care if I have spelling mistakes, if my finger misses a key on the keyboard. Sometimes, I don’t care that people will chose to judge me for being so raw and real that missing a punctuation sign does nothing to damage my confidence. Sometimes, I feel that missing a punctuation sign actually enhances the message or emotion I wish to share. Freedom of expression is, exactly that. Freedom of expression! Not bound by rules. Sometimes, I believe one must forgo all rules for the sake of expression. Aren’t brilliance and creativity the rule-breaker’s best friends? Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for rules in English and writing, but sometimes, I find that rules limit the very reason that language exists for – to express, to freely express. To express without worrying that your message will not be appreciated or understood because your chest is a fire too large to wait for a couple other drafts; it must extinguished as soon as possible. Sometimes, I want to write a thought on a napkin, where I am left with only an immigrant’s child’s broken english, where reminders of ESL classes are my eye’s reflection, and there is no spellcheck to hide my past. Sometimes, I want to leave that napkin on the table for the waitress to appreciate my content without judging my human mistakes. Sometimes, I just want to write and share my words as I feel them. My lack of grammar is not a reflection of my unintelligence. Instead, your attention to my lack of grammar, instead of your attention to my – far more powerful, raw message, is a reflection of your faulty perception. Please, let’s end expression-shaming. Please, let’s end freedom-of-expression-shaming.