Master’s Essay

Growing up, I recall many of my peers saying statements similar to “Why am I learning this, this will never help me in life”, but I never felt the same sentiment. I have valued education, or should I say ‘learning’ for as long as I can remember. Academia is liberating institution that should be taken advantage of whenever presented the opportunity to – whether the knowledge is career-specific or not. Even better, if one is given the opportunity to further their education in a field of their choice. So, why is this stage in my life perfect for this business degree? In no particular order, I can list the reasons that have motivated me to apply to the MSBAPM program: 1) I am mentally prepared to tackle coursework and dedicate time to studying. My company will also provide some time every week for me to study. 2) Tuition will be covered by UTC, so I do not have to worry about financial aid. 3) I would like to learn more about project management and business analytics to perform more efficiently at my job. Starting in the Information Technology Leadership Program at United Technologies has been very challenging. I have had to quickly learn the ropes of the business as well as the methodology behind project management. The program is very rigorous in nature and I strongly believe that supplementing my tangible on-the-job training with a baseline understanding of project management and business analytics will help me grasp the concepts much quicker.  4) I am working in central Connecticut, so the proximity of the Hartford campus is ideal. 5) After having been employed in the Information Technology industry for over a year, I believe it is the perfect career path for me; furthering my knowledge in the field would be both a career-advancing and enjoyable endeavor. My thirst and desire to continue getting educated has continued to grow tremendously as I have graduated UCONN with my Bachelor in Science in MIS.

My short-term career goals revolve around delivering utmost business value in the rotations and roles I am placed in. Also, I would like to grow my skill-set horizontally across the spectrum, so I am exposed to various focus areas in IT. Having broad exposure will help me understand ‘the big picture’ of the project I am placed on more easily. My long term career goals involve being a goal-oriented and disciplined Project Manager that delivers the utmost satisfaction to customers—helping them reduce costs, reduce time, and gain efficiency. Furthermore, when I am more established in my career, I would strive for a group manager role where I could have more impact to make business decisions in addition to leading and empowering a team. A Masters degree will  help distinguish me and provide me with an edge over my peers (when I seek out managerial roles) in the long term.  Many managerial roles have a pre-requisite of a graduate degree, and often a couple years of work experience can be substituted with a Masters in a related field.  As I am in a leadership program already, I would like to build a strong educational and work foundation so I am prepared to take on challenging assignments that involve more time, experience, and background. During my research of the curriculum, many of the classes seem very interesting, specifically the Project Leadership & Communications, Data Mining & Business Intelligence. I had a positive undergraduate experience at UCONN and I would be humbled to be accepted into the MSBAPM program.